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» Equipment Rental
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Let us take care of your unexpected need for more vehicles or equipment. River Street Idealease provides industry-leading vehicles, at a moment’s notice.

River Street Idealease can help you handle a short-term peak in your business, or rent replacement vehicles when your trucks are in the shop. Additionally, We provide truck rental programs to fit your needs for a day, month or longer. Our wide variety of industry-leading trucks and tractors are well maintained, reliable, and clean. River Street Idealease offers a wide-range of rental equipment, including:

Tandem Axle Tractor Tandem Axel Tractor Trailers 
Single Axel Tractor Trailers 
Tandem Axel Reefers
Single Axel Reefers

Swicher Switchers
Dry Van Dry Vans
Dry box trailers
Reefer trailers

We can find you the piece of equipment you are looking for at a moment’s notice, guaranteed. Click here, or call us at 908-862-8181 to schedule your rental today!